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History is Wrong [Audiobook Download]

History is Wrong

History is Wrong

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Erich von Däniken once more exhibits his aptitude for revealing truths that his contemporaries have missed. After carefully analyzing a whole lot of historical and apparently unrelated texts, he’s now able to proclaim that human historical past is nothing just like the world religions declare—and he has the proof! In Historical past Is Improper, von Däniken takes a better have a look at the fascinating Voynich manuscript, which has defied all makes an attempt at decription since its discovery, and makes some intriguing revelations in regards to the equally unbelievable e-book of Enoch.
Von Däniken additionally finds the astounding story of a misplaced subterranean labyrinth in Ecuador mentioned to be residence to an intensive library of 1000’s of gold panels. He provides proof that the metallic library has hyperlinks not solely to the Guide of Enoch but in addition to the Mormons, who’ve spent a long time looking for it, believing it to comprise the historical past of their forefathers. And what in regards to the mysterious strains within the desert of Nazca that resemble touchdown strips when considered from the air? Archeologists declare they’re historical procession routes. “Assume once more!” cries von Däniken, as he reveals the info that the archeologists by no means even thought to examine. Historical past Is Unsuitable will problem your mind—and possibly a number of lengthy-held beliefs, too.

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